Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29 2012

Due to a request from work, for me to go back, today was my last day of holiday. To make the most of it, I did a replay of Sunday.

I think this Barn Owl had just finished a meal, and hadn't manged to get rid of the veg that came with the meat.
I'd had a Short-eared Owl even closer than the Barn Owl was, but failed miserably when it came to getting pictures.
The Cattle Egret was much easier to see, but still a long way off.


This Peregrine tried hard to catch a Fieldfare, tried but failed. It moved between half a dozen perches and still didn't settle.


As I left the Island, a Long-tailed Duck was again showing beside the causeway.
Apart from three different herds of Whooper Swan, I didn't see anything else of note on the way back.
Back to work tomorrow...

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Ipin said...

LOVE the second barn owl photo, migth have to blag a copy for work....