Monday, July 23, 2012


More or less the route I took. There are some sections of the map where the serious hard-core mountain bikers went off road. This gps track is from one of them, I stayed on the road!

Starting at Workington
Took the bike to the water for the traditional front wheel dip
and then the start
the guys and gal wot did it!
we went via Hartside (I didn’t get done for speeding!!!)
and Newcastle
where they opened the eye just for us…
and finally at Tynemouth
A grand weekend, very enjoyable, but very tiring. Wait a few months before asking me to do it again!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

July 8 2012

First thing this morning I went listening for Crex crex and didn’t hear a thing, other than Common Whitethroat and Yellowhammer. I have some recordings from the other night, but the bird was too far off for them to be of any use.

So I leave here a spend a pleasant couple of hours at Druridge. Long-eared Owl, Marsh Harrier and Reed Bunting all performing.

Long-eared Owl-8D3E8718Long-eared Owl-8D3E8744Long-eared Owl-8D3E8774Long-eared Owl-8D3E8788Long-eared Owl-8D3E8790

Marsh Harrier-8D3E8812

Reed Bunting-8D3E8691

And then, just up the road, and only a very short distance from where we had a female Red-backed Shrike two weeks ago, there is a rather smart male

Red-backed Shrike-8D3E8847

Sunday, July 01, 2012

July 01 2012


A missed text received at 18:12 resulted in a phone call to Alan at 19:06.

I was back in the house to see the start of the Euro finals  having dashed down to Backworth and seeing (distantly) the female Red-necked Phalarope. It’s not my choice of birding but it sometimes happens that way!